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Return Policy
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Liberty Rocks jewelry guarantees happiness. If you would like to return your necklace, you may opt to exchange your purchase on a one time basis.

If you cannot find a piece that you like, you will be issued credit. I make new pieces all the time and post them on line or could make a custom piece for you.

If you need the necklace restrung or shortened or lengthened, I will need to charge a fee ($100) for restringing. If you have lost beads, I will do my best to find replacements or a similar substitute and the beads, handling and shipping will be your cost.

To care for your Liberty Rocks jewelry, after you finish wearing it for the day or night, always wash the piece(s) in fresh water and use a mild fragrance free liquid dish or hand soap. Dry the piece gently with a lint free cloth and store in a dry place.

Curl the necklace or bracelet lightly, never crimp the necklace when storing. I like to make one drawer specially for jewelry and line it in felt or velvet. It is better to always store the jewelry flat, as hanging the piece causes stretching of the wire. If you really like the way it looks hanging, arrange it on a soft velvet covered bust available at jewelry supply stores online.

If your jewelry gets dirty, you can use a soft toothbrush and mild soap to gently wash the dirt or whatever out of the piece, then dry with a lint free cloth and put away in a dry place. Never use an automatic jewelry cleaner or leave your jewelry in a cleaning solution. Many stones are delicate and can be damaged. Never leave the jewelry in soap and water. Just a quick sudsing and rinse are the best care you can give.

Pearls and other delicate gems can be damaged by spraying perfumes or hair spray or sunscreen on them.

Always apply perfume or essential oils in small dabs under the ear, between the breasts, in the crooks of the arms and knees and on the wrists. Its all you need for a beautiful waft of fragrance and never damages your jewelry.

Care for your jewelry and it will last you a long time.

Much light and love,liberty blueskyes

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