Liberty Rocks

liberty rocks

Liberty Blueskyes is a real person, me.

I have always been an artist from the time I could pick up a crayon. And I have always loved jewelry, using my naptimes to sneak into Mom’s bedroom and play with her necklaces.

But only recently I began experimenting with making my own jewelry and once I made my first piece, I was enchanted. Nothing gave me so much pleasure!

I love to shop for stones and play with their colors and shapes and textures. When I make a piece, its very important how it feels on the body as well as how it looks. I have educated myself on the vibrational qualities of the stones and I work with these resonances when I put a piece together.

I also enjoy redesigning necklaces that women have put in their jewelry boxes and never wear because somehow that necklace, bracelet or ring just doesn’t feel or look right. Or I like to design with a client’s beads and pendants that have special meaning or appeal and put them together in a custom piece that fits her (or his) personality and body.

Feel free to contact me with any special request and I will do my best to more than satisfy your expectations.

Much light and love,liberty blueskyes

liberty rocks